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    Your goods are in the best of hands: at XNY we provide regular and frequent air transport distribution plans. Our high-value air transport distribution hub and radiation system allows customers to optimize their value, provide the most suitable aircraft loading options, combine local resources with international options, balance costs and speeds appropriately. Relying on the South China market, we integrate the advantages of airports such as Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Ningbo, Wuhan, Beijing, Xiamen, and Zhengzhou. The routes cover major international airports around the world.
    We have a professional import and export operation team, which relies on comprehensive advantages such as complete domestic and foreign networks, leading business scale and platforms to carry out comprehensive rapid response and low-cost control over cargo logistics, document flow, information flow, and capital flow on the logistics chain.  We meet all requirements of one-stop cross-border integrated logistics customers.  Making full use of the advantages of the Hong Kong-Macao Free Trade Area , we provide personalized air transportation services for customers, and cooperate with your production, transportation, collection and other links to maximize your precious time, manpower, and reduce capital and time risks. Let you no longer worry about the short delivery period and the complicated transportation.
    With a network of agents across the world and rich routine products,  XNY is able to offer a range of services designed to ensure all our clients’ shipping needs are met with maximum efficiency.  Export or Import, we provide pick-up, labeling and marking, packing, loading, customs declaration, inspection and inwards cargo management before shipping, and warehousing, transferring , distribution and delivery after arrival for customers in textile, electronic, mechanical equipment, food , chemical and other industry.
    The rich route product and its market advantage, is our air transportation competitive differential service advantage.